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John Oliver and Contemporary Brumminess

Like many HBO subscribers, I’ve become a fan of John Oliver, a British comedian who brings journalistic rigor to the “news parody” genre. He particularly excels at trans-Atlantic humor, injecting British wit into American jokes (“you’ve constructed a straw-man so … Continue reading


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Richard III’s “Brummie Accent?”

[Ed. note: An earlier version of this post had an embedded sound clip of Philip Shaw reading a letter by Richard III in a historically accurate accent. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few embedding issues since updating to the latest version … Continue reading


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Dialect Profile: The Brummie Accent

In this series, we discuss different dialects using actual video or audio samples. NOTE: This page uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). For information about this notation, please visit my page of IPA Resources. In case you didn’t know, “Brummie” … Continue reading


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Saturday News Roundup: Bad Boston Accents

A few dispatches from the word of accents and dialects:   Americans prefer British accents to their own. Gothamis reports that New Yorkers hate their own accents. New York Magazine eviscerates the Boston accents in the new Kennedy miniseries Indian … Continue reading


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5 Reasons Why Some Dialects are Unpopular

I try to promote acceptance of diversity in dialects and accents. In the real world, however, things are not so fair. Numerous dialects of English are stigmatized: many people, even educated people, harbor the belief that some accents are “uneducated,” … Continue reading


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