Comments Policy

The comments policy on this blog is fairly self-explanatory:

1.)  No spam.  Obviously.

2.)  No trolling. Please don’t pick fights with people just for the fun of it.

3.)  No name-calling. If you’re about to post a comment that might be interpreted as name-calling, don’t post it.

4.)  Avoid excessive profanity. I won’t ban your IP address because of an errant four-letter word, but let’s try to keep things family-friendly.

5.)  Avoid openly hostile comments. It’s easy to get defensive on blogs like this, as they involve a lot of debate.  But let’s keep the hard-core anger to a minimum.

6.)  Stay on topic.  A little bit of topic drift is going to happen. But don’t let a conversation about Boston accents turn into a conversation about the Boston Red Sox.

7.)  Avoid extremely mean-spirited intellectual snobbery. This is a blog, not a dissertation committee.  Feel free to correct people if they’re wrong (including me!), but let’s not belittle people’s intelligence.


13 Responses to Comments Policy

  1. Mei says:

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  2. Christinelle says:

    Congratulations on the blog, it’s very pleasant and informative. I will be a grammar Nazi though and point out that you should do something about “I’m won’t ban”.

  3. Soni says:

    Please find someone else from Maine as an example of a Maine accent. Paul LePage doesn’t sound like any other Mainer I know. Tim Sample would be a better representation, and yes I know it’s fake, but at least it sounds like a Mainer.

  4. Lynn says:

    Looking for an accent from folks in Queensland Aus that sounds East Indian. Met someone from Queensland that grew up there. They definitely sound like they are from India. Is there an Aborigial accent in some folks from Queensland or where could that have come from?

  5. DfNZ says:

    A couple of comments I posted earlier in the month triggered the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” status. Is there any possibility of a moderator oking them when this happens or should I just repost them?

  6. codes says:

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  8. rayman says:

    great blog, ben.