This a list of my favorite websites related to linguistics, language, and dialects.

The American Dialect Society: The website of the ADS, one of the most important scholarly organizations dedicated to the study of American Engish.

Ben Zimmer: Zimmer is one of America’s most accessible and prolific language writers, and his website offers an excellent selection of his work at The New Yorker Times, The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.

The British Library’s Accents & Dialects of the UK site. A wonderful trove of recordings and in depth learning materials about the varieties of English in the British Isles.

The British Library’s Archival Sound Recordings. An amazing collection of old and new recordings of British accents, including the famous Survey of English Dialects in the 1950’s.

Fritinancy: An always entertaining look at the use of language in marketing, by journalist and marketing professional Nancy Friedman.

The International Dialects of English Archive: Dialect coach Paul Meier’s vast and wonderful trove of dialect recordings from around the globe.

J.C. Wells’ Phonetics Blog: The blog of renowned phonetician John C. Wells, without whom I would be entirely ignorant of the varieties of the English language.

Language Hat: Blog with short, digestible, well-crafted posts about language. Lots of lively debates in the comments section.

Linguism: An engaging British blog with digestible postlets about a wide range of linguistic topics.

Macmillan Dictionary Blog: A great multi-author blog about the English language (for which I have written two pieces). Particularly good pieces about the English lexicon.

Sentence First: A highly entertaining blog by Irish editor and proofreader Stan Carey. One of the most friendly, engaging writers in the linguistics blogsphere.

Separated by a Common Language: American expat linguist Lynne Murphy’s touching, funny, and always enlightening blog about differences in American and British word usage. One of two linguistics blogs that consistently makes me laugh out loud.

The Lousy Linguist: Linguist Christopher Phipps’ lively take on the field of linguistics. With a cutting wit, Phipps is the second blogger on this list who consistently makes me laugh out loud.

Omniglot: List of the known spelling systems of language, and explains how they correspond to pronunciation.


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