Why Dialects?

I began this site because I love dialects.

I believe English is getting more diverse, rather than less.  I likewise believe the internet makes us increasingly aware of differences in pronunciation, word choice and grammar.  With this in mind, I dedicate this site to the following:

  • Obsessives. Millions of people obsess over dialects.  Language consumes us.  It is the core of what it means to be human.  Dialects remind us of the staggering diversity and beauty of humanity.
  • Actors and theatre people. I began my dialects journey as an actor.  Even for a language geek like myself, accents are a challenge.  Some productions are lucky enough to have a dialect coach.  Many aren’t.  I hope to help fill that void as much as possible.
  • Linguists. I am not a PhD, but I appreciate the expertise and spirited debate of academics.  I don’t intend to be a cavalier pseudoscientist, hawking feeble original research.  I welcome feedback from professors.
  • The downright curious. I’ve found that dialects come up in conversation constantly.  Have you ever heard a strange accent on a TV show and wondered where the actor is from?  Have you ever debated whether or not an accent in a movie is “authentic”?  This site is for you.

Dialect Blog is about the future of a language and the wonderful people who speak it.