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Dialect Blog was launched in 2011 as a place for hobbyists, actors, linguists and curiosity-seekers to learn about and discuss the dialects of the English language.


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  1. Congratulations on this venture! It’s very much needed, especially for the many people who aren’t linguists but who are nevertheless filled with wondrous curiosity about language. Janet

  2. CaitlinS. says:

    I agree Janet!!! This is a wonderfully generous site and the lack of pretension is refreshing. It’s a great find for those of us ‘non-experts’ (and even those who are) who are nerdily fascinated by language and culture. I look forward to all future discussions!

  3. teh_blumchenkinder says:

    As a Linguistics Major, I Approve (of) this blog. (Lit. as well, but let’s just sweep that under the Rug of Shame, yes?)
    Expect me to raid past posts at some point over spring break. 🙂

  4. Raymond Hickey says:

    Dear Ben Trawicks,

    I have noticed on your dialect blog that you have quoted my humble self on a number of occasions. In case you are interested, I thought I might refer you to my new website for Dublin English accessible at: http://www.uni-due.de/VCDE

    Best regards,

    Raymond (Hickey)

    • trawicks says:

      Thanks so much, Raymond. I’ve been a huge fan of your other Hiberno-English sites for years. This new one looks fantastic!

  5. Mudge says:

    Just discovered your blog, and am very impressed. I do a bit of ranting about language in my own way, from a different angle.

    Your posts on “hate speech” and “the c-word” brought to mind something I’d love to see elucidated by a thorough scholar: the use of “gay” or “faggot” as a general-purpose insult comparable to “a##hole”. I’ve seen this quite a bit on the internet, probably among the young, and think it’s going outside any “hate speech” category.

  6. Anna Boulic says:

    Thank you for a wonderful resource. I’ll make sure all of my acting students are aware of you.

    Best wishes and keep blogging,

    Anna Boulic.

  7. TheWhitefire says:

    Loving the website! I especially love reading about the odd differamericanNorth American accents. I’m curious if you know anything about some of Canada’s subdialects? Or if you could point me to resources where I can learn more?

  8. Jim Dwyer says:


    Thanks for this wonderful resource. As a Canadian-American relations aficionado and writer, your insights–as well as those who post their comments–and links to other dialect enthusiasts have proven helpful.

  9. Kim Normanton says:

    Wonder if anyone knows any siblings or family members who speak very differently? (preferably living in the UK). I’m researching for a BBC Radio programme about family members who have accents which are worlds apart reflecting the different routes they have taken in life.


    Senior Radio Producer

    • Sally Lennon says:


      I realize that I’m a year too late on this one, but (being a former Speech Language Therapist and now dialect coach, I find all this fascinating) my in laws are a good case for you. Both MIL and FIL speak with strong Irish accents. My husband and his older brother were born in London and then at the ages of 12 & 15 moved north to Whitby. My husband maintains a more “London” dialect, whilst his brother sounds like a Yorkshire man. Granted, his brother remained in the north whereas my husband moved, but the dialect was instilled in his brother whilst my husband lived in the north and continued to speak like a southerner. He maintained that his brother subconsciously was more concerned about “fitting in” than he was. Now we live in USA so our kids are American speakers and we remain R.P and southern UK speakers!

      BTW, love this blog!

  10. kevin says:

    Do some of this for other languages please.

  11. rez says:

    sent and email to your new address about a certain song and was wondering if you could reply to it when you get a chance. thanks!

  12. Jared says:

    Could you maybe at some point do some post for other languages such as Chinese? Thanks

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