Posts while I’m on Vacation

I am on vacation this next week in an area with little internet access. As I won’t have much opportunity to write, I’m going to publish some old posts that I drafted but didn’t put on the blog for various reasons. Some of these articles I found a bit too fluffy, others just didn’t quite “gel” for me. Many of them had interesting topics, however, so I figured I’d post some of these over the next week to strike up conversation.

I unfortunately won’t be able to comment much until the end of next week.  But feel free to talk among yourselves!


About Ben

Ben T. Smith launched his dialect fascination while working in theatre. He has worked as an actor, playwright, director, critic and dialect coach. Other passions include linguistics, urban development, philosophy and film.
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5 Responses to Posts while I’m on Vacation

  1. m.m. says:

    TIL – gel = get on well D:

  2. dw says:

    No slacking off, now !!

    — just kidding . I’m amazed at the quality and frequency of your posts on this site. It would be impressive even if this were your full-time job, which I assume it isn’t 🙂

  3. Tim D says:

    [tsʊək əmʌŋkst jəsɛɫvz] was what I heard in my head when I read the last 3 words.