Apologies About the Comments

A very quick note of apology.  Due to a hectic schedule, I’ve been out of the loop and have had limited time to work on this blog over the past few days.  Unbeknownst to me, the comments have been disabled for some readers for the past day or two.  I upgraded one of the WordPress plugins that I use, and it somehow resulted in “hiding” the comments function.  Alas, as I hadn’t posted anything until yesterday, it was a problem I didn’t catch until this morning.

I personally would never disable comments: that would make for an extremely depressing blog.  So if you ever notice a glitch like this, feel free to let me know!


About Ben

Ben T. Smith launched his dialect fascination while working in theatre. He has worked as an actor, playwright, director, critic and dialect coach. Other passions include linguistics, urban development, philosophy and film.
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4 Responses to Apologies About the Comments

  1. PJ says:

    Yes, I noticed this. It was actually still possible to leave a comment here, even though I didn’t do it. You just had to go over to the right where it says “Recent posts” and click on the post there. Then you could go to the bottom where it says “Leave a reply”. But I suppose that’s considered difficult in today’s world. *prepares for hate fest*

    • trawicks says:

      Interesting … still kind of perplexed as to why this specific feature was impacted. I’ve had similar things happen in the past, but it usually affects the entire layout of the site. This is why I keep the WordPress plugins to a minimum!

  2. Ellen K. says:

    I noticed that, but thought it was my computer doing something odd. I got to the comments (to read them) though the recent comments links.

  3. power cord says:

    that’s no problem !